Avoiding the Misuse of Antibiotics

Avoiding The Misuse Of Antibiotics

When we get sick, we usually go to our trusted Pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York, and buy medications to help with our situation. If we get bacterial infections, we specifically get prescriptions for antibiotics. Antibiotics stop bacterial infections by killing the bacteria, thereby making us feel better. But, if you have been taking antibiotics to treat flu or colds, you are misusing it. Viruses cause cold and flu, and taking antibiotics will be ineffective.

Misusing antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance, which is where bacteria evolve to resist the effects of the drug. These germs then continue to grow and eventually become difficult, if not impossible, to treat. When taking antibiotics for viruses, relatively harmless bacteria inside our bodies might evolve to become stronger. For this reason, we should take antibiotics properly. Here are things that you should know when taking them.

  • Antibiotics only treat certain types of bacterial infection, like strep throat or whooping cough. To know when to take them, you should consult your physician.
  • Take them as prescribed and complete the whole course. Antibiotic resistance can also happen if you don’t follow the doctor’s prescription.
  • Most pharmacists recommend that you purchase only the amount prescribed. Keeping leftover antibiotics is inadvisable as they may not be the right antibiotics for future illness.

As your trusted pharmacy and favorite purveyor of Health Products in New York, we at Chester Pharmacy Corp. want to keep you informed about the dangers that occur when antibiotic resistance happens. Do you need more information about antibiotics and medications to control infection? If so, please feel free to call us at 718-826-6117 or contact us here.

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